Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Written For The Road...

by Tim Cahill is an epic travelogue about the ultimate road trip. Tim Cahill and his professional driver cohort, Garry Sowerby, set to break a Guinness Book world record. The two men attempt to drive from the southern tip of Argentina all the way to Deadhorse, Alaska, in 23 days. Road Fever is a funny, exhilarating adventure that is marred by mood swings, customs troubles, armed soldiers, engine failures, bad roads, civil unrests, weather variables, rocky cliffs, and physical exhaustion. All throughout the 15,000 mile journey, Cahill and Sowerby use an insurmountable grit to get them through each passing day. By the end of the read, you totally forget that there was a record at stake; all one can think about was how these guys did what they did and lived to tell the tale. Cahill's writing is a talent. Readers of this story will most definitely feel as if they vicariously took this road trip. And when the two get to Alaska, whether the record was obtained or not, the reader will most definitely say, "That was a blast! Now, get me out of this truck!"

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