Saturday, July 17, 2010


From SOUTH AFRICA... Joshua Wrinkle writes:

"Make your way through South Africa by offering your services at various hostels and backpackers... sound strange? Well once you are on less than a shoestring budget it actually works out quite well... I have lived and worked in South Africa off and on for the last four years, as the land of Mzansi has become my second home, Texas [USA] being the first. I cannot explain in full what attracts me to this land of great contrasts so much. I can only say the endless veld, the rolling green hills, the lonesome acacia tree, the call of the crying bird, the smell of burning fields, the sounds of Zulu jive, the strong spirit of the Boervolk... and the friendly spirit and smiles that all of my wonderful friends here have shared with me. I love South Africa. I love the fact that I have been able to just, well, kind of make new homes at hostels... cooking, cleaning or whatever they need. They can usually use an extra hand in some way and of course, as a vagabonding traveller, you can always use a break in the financial and literal sense. So when you run short of cash, do not fret so soon, you just may find a new home for two or three months, make lifelong friends and have an amazing experience."

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