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Dirty Little Secrets...


Chipa Guazu is a traditional dish from Paraguay, and is thought to be “as old as history.” Corn is a beloved ingredient in Paraguayan cuisine, and is the star of this recipe, along with cheese, onions, and eggs. Chipa Guazu is somewhere between cornbread, pudding, and a corn soufflé. It is cheesy and firm, yet creamy, and is best served warm or, at least, at room temperature. It may not encompass exotic spices or South American “flare,” but this savory classic is comforting and, wherever you are in the world, eating chipa guazu will, for some reason, make you feel right at home. Plus, it goes great with nearly anything! Chipa guazu can be made several different ways and is traditionally served in place of bread and/or as a casserole. It is often sold on the streets of Paraguay and, in the winter, it is barbequed on a grill, giving it a toasty crunch, and the name “Kavure”. Fresh corn makes all the difference in this staple dish; therefore, Chipa Guazu is especially favored during the months of the sweet corn harvest. Other traditional Paraguayan ingredients, like pig fat, add an extra layer of flavor to chipa guazu, but if you can’t make it to Paraguay, simply follow the below recipe, and enjoy!

Chipa Guazu

12 ears of Fresh Corn

4 Eggs

1 Stick of Butter

1 Onion (Sliced long)

1 10oz package of Swiss Cheese

Flour and Salt


Shuck corn. Pour corn and 4 eggs into blender and mix well. Sprinkle flour in bottom of deep baking dish. Then pour in corn mixture. Add butter, 1 tablespoon of salt, sliced onion and cheese (cut into pieces). Place in oven at 350 degrees until top is brown.

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