Monday, March 29, 2010

Hostel of the Week...

THE BEACHOUSE is an affordable slice of heaven nestled in Fiji’s picturesque, Coral Coast. The Beachouse is a backpackers delight with amenities that include a pool, bar, restaurant, Internet, massage services, day-trip excursions, sand volleyball courts, and much, much, more. The grounds are nicely manicured, and with the beach just seconds away from accommodation, life is always good at the hostel. The dorms are clean and comfortable, and the friendly Beachouse staff make your stay a memory for life. For those backpackers looking for an even more affordable option, campgrounds are also available. What makes the Beachouse truly unique is that payment for the hostel is on a “tab.” If you want a beer, it goes on your tab. If you want food from the restaurant, it goes on your tab. For the duration of your stay, no matter how long it may be, you will not be required to reach into your pockets once. Paying this way lets you enjoy each day without thinking about money. Once you check out, I am sure you will agree that the Beachouse’s folklore as a great backpacker hostel is well deserved.


1. Beachside location with lots of backpacker friendly amenities, including village tours, which are not to be missed.

2. At 4 o’clock everyday the hostel serves free tea and fresh scones, hot from the oven.

3. The price is right. The Beachouse is affordable and you are sure to get more than you paid for.

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