Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Written for the Road...

No video cameras and immunity for Tom Neale, he did the real deal all by himself for years on a deserted atoll.
A fascinating story of what it takes to survive and a great character study of the type of person who can/would do it.
Tom lived the lazy island life but wasn't satisfied and finally went out to pull a Robinson Crusoe (at the age of 50!). And this was in the 50s. He had no satellite phone to get him out in an emergency, no doppler weather reports, no Honda(tm) generator.
On top of that, he had no safety net. Off the regular shipping channels, he had no scheduled visits, just some random people who happened to pass by and say hi. It was just his skill, determination and a great knowledge of island living that allowed him to survive and thrive.
His daily struggles (from pesky hermit crabs up to life threatening injuries) are a fascinating peek into a life most people will never experience. After you finish it, be sure check out Wikipedia and the web for more information (and pics) on his life after this book.

An amazing read that ends much too quickly.

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