Monday, November 15, 2010

Hostel of the Week...

MISTI CHILL HOSTEL in Paraty, Brazil, is everything backpackers need from a beach front hostel. Located right in the center of town, the Misti Chill hostel boasts a great atmosphere, cool staff, meals and bars every night, and all the amenities that backpackers rely on to have a great stay. Misti Chill is known throughout the South American backpacker world, which is why it will come as no surprise that the hostel was awarded the “Best Atmosphere” in 2009. The hostel is the ideal place to unwind. Hammocks with ocean views are the best way to spend a lazy day in Paraty. The rooms at Misti Chill hostel are all en-suite, with TV and DVD’s. There are plenty of places to stay in Paraty, but why waist your money. Whether you want to chill out or party on Paraty, Misti Chill is the place to be.


1. Awarded Best Atmosphere and gets a rating of 80% or higher from hostel booking websites at all times

2. Great Vibe. Misti Chill is what you imagine a beach getaway in Brazil to be.

3. Ideal Location. The hostel is in the center of it all!

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