Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets...

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The Whitest Boy Alive are a German-based quartet with singer/guitarist Erlend Øye, from the band Kings of Convenience. Their sophomore disc "Rules" is a calm breezy Folk/Pop/Jazz affair, remniscent in places of Øye's alumnus, Michael Franks, or even long forgotten eighties Swiss Pop duo, Double.

Much of the album comprises laid back grooves with jamming instrumental breaks, like opening cut "Keep a secret", the groovy "Intentions", the stunning ballad "Rollercoaster ride", and the similar "Gravity". "Dead end" is a bouncy Pop affair. The other songs are upbeat, funky, disco-tinged songs, similar to what Jamiroquai does: the piano sprinkled "Courage", "High on the heels", "1517", "Promise less or do more", and "Island" (with a light Latin feel and a lengthy instrumental break). The songs are so simple, yet grow maddeningly addictive each time you listen to them. Incredibly groovy and hugely enjoyable!

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