Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hostel of the Week...

THE POINT is a top-notch hostel chain that has become well known in South America for something backpackers love to do: PARTY! At The Point, backpackers enjoy a variety of themed events. Whether it is Ladies Night, Latino Night, Reggae Night; a Masquerade, Brazilian, or Hawaiian party; or the Derelict Fashion show (a fashion party where the theme is vagabond and homelessness), The Point Hostel chain makes it a “point” to bring backpackers together for a great night of fun. The most popular party in The Point hostel chain may be the Full Moon Party, at the Mancora location. The Full Moon party is a wild beach party, and someday may rival the party backpackers flock to in Thailand. In addition to the parties, The Point has other communal events such as BBQ’s and Pool competitions, which backpackers also love. Two backpackers started The Point Hostel chain, so they know what backpackers want; clean, affordable rooms, a variety of amenities, safety, and stuff to keep them occupied while they aren't checking out the sites. The Point Hostel chain provides all this and more. In Peru, backpackers can find The Point in five prime locations (Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Mancora, and Puno) as well as a location in La Paz, Bolivia.

The reasons to stay at THE POINT:

  1. The parties. The Point has so many fun themed nights that there are too many to list!
  2. The locations. The Point is in every desired location in Peru and Bolivia, and no matter which hostel you stay at, you will get the same great experience.
  3. The Point hostels get the “point.” Backpackers who start accommodation businesses generally know what backpackers want. This is the case at the Point and then some.


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