Friday, April 16, 2010

Destination of the Week...

Nimbin is a small town in New South Wales that is known as the “Alternative Capital of Australia”. To many backpackers though, it is known simply as the Amsterdam of the Southern hemisphere. Nimbin is a liberal community in the sub-tropical foothills of an extinct volcano, in the Rainbow Region of Australia. It is a society largely made up of artists, musicians, and… recreational drug users. While the drugs are not legal here, it doesn’t seem to lessen the use. Street dealers are anywhere and everywhere, and range from young adults to senior citizens. But, it is not necessarily the open use of drugs that makes Nimbin unique. What stands out is the relaxed, friendly, tranquil lifestyle of the helpful and inquisitive people. Residents of Nimbin take the expression “laid back” to a whole new level. So much that people seldom seem to know what day it is in this town! Nimbin is a perfect example of a society in which all are welcome. It shows that when communities work together, they can find creative, sustainable solutions to many environmental and socio-economical issues, that we face in all corners of the world.

Nimbin is located about one hour by car from Byron Bay, and is surrounded by communities where people live off the land amongst rainforests and waterfalls that are practically untouched by the modernity of urban life.

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